Welcoming Saturn Delays: July 21, 2014

Welcoming Saturn Delays: July 21, 2014

scorpioSaturn in Scorpio Rx 2014 Ends

This is an update of the an article I wrote for the last Saturn direct station in July 2013. This current Saturn in Scorpio retrograde, just as the last one,  demanded that you get focused and do the hard work to be successful in some area of your life (maybe two). Saturn demands hard work and there is no arguing with it. Today as Saturn in Scorpion stations direct you have the opportunity to move forward if you have done the hard work and the right thing.

Delayed Gratification, Not Denial

You have not stopped running your race; you have only learned to strengthen and pace yourself. Now you can continue to victory. The delay of a Saturn retrograde is not a denial; it is only a delay, so you can improve your success and shine like a diamond.

Sexual and Financial Desires and Goals

Saturn retrogrades are a time for addressing things seriously and maturely. Saturn in Scorpio retrograde has had something to do in your life with sex and sexuality, divorce, psychological intimacy, fear, money – how you (mis) handle it, what you are willing to do to get it, how ethical or unethical you are in attaining money and what problems you have with your finances – depression, repressed emotions (especially anger), passion and intensity. With this Saturn in Scorpio retrograde 2014 you have been challenged to master these areas of life by:

  • reviewing how you have structured that area of your life
  • removing situations that have not been stable and secure
  • removing unstable people from your life or watching people remove you for being unstable (same result)
  • restructuring and building a new secure foundation
  • re-commit to a mature handling of that life area

This is very hard work. A Saturn retrograde demands that we “DO” something. It demands we do the right thing in the area on which it is focused. You have felt it in your bones (take care of your bones and teeth under a Saturn retrograde) and perhaps struggled with exhaustion and depression. Things have been grindingly slow in life, but that is the hidden blessing. We have now had what is just under five months to do this hard work.

Now we will have eight months (until March 15, 2015) to work with the changes we made or the results of having resisted making any changes.

If you have a Sun or Moon in Scorpio or Capricorn, this Saturn retrograde hit you hard (but you still dug deep and worked hard as Scorpio and Capricorn do). Those with Sun or Moon in the signs of Cancer or Taurus have also been particularly challenged. My heart goes out to you all, and I hope you have had support from family and friends.

Victory!Victor, Not Victim

Coming out of this Saturn retrograde period we have just finished the post shadow of Mercury retrograde in Gemini/Cancer and it is now direct in Cancer. We can think and communicate more clearly. Jupiter entered Leo five days ago on July 16, giving us buoyant, forceful energy for boldly moving forward.  In five days on July 26 we will have a New Moon in Leo further lifting us out of the pit, giving us joy and putting both us and what we have been working hard do accomplish (or working hard to resist/avoid) in the spotlight.

By now you have probably learned pitying yourself, resisting the right thing and pretending you do not know the right thing to does not accomplish anything but hard work does. As I have often written, you are not a victim. The point of Saturn retrograde is to re-build you as a victor. Under Saturn in Scorpion retrograde you have learned what sexual and financial practices and people are worthless to your life. You know the right things to do and the right direction to take. Now you must make a commitment of suffer more loss.

Saturn in Libra People — Feeling the Pain

If  you have Saturn in Scorpio and this is your Saturn Return, this is especially your commitment time. Do the right thing and your next 30 years will be excellent. If you have Saturn in Libra and resisted making a marriage commitment during your Saturn Return  (2010-2012) and never did the right thing, you have been paying the karma piper. More than one person who is now in their early 30s has shared with me that this Saturn in Scorpio time has likely been harsh – “deeply, darkly dirty and painful” as one person put it,  in the areas of sex and money.

Lessons Learned

Now it is time to ask yourself some questions as Saturn in Scorpio stations direct today:

  • What has been “held up” since March 3, 2014?
  • What did you work on these last five months?
  • What challenges did you master?
  • What changes have you made?
  • What wisdom have you gained?
  • How have you matured?
  • What are you ready to produce?
  • What success are you now closer to achieving?

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