What Is Your Worth?

What Is Your Worth?

indianwomanbeadsI hope you are doing well. Today is Tuesday May 12, 2015.

We have a New Moon at  26º 56′ Taurus coming on May 17 at 9:13 PM /May 18 at 12:13AM EDT ….and Mercury retrograde in Gemini begins a few hours later.

That New Moon in Taurus bears the message that you should not give away your culture, talents, abilities, valuables, your self, you body, yur mind, your spirit and values to people who do not in turn value or understand or appreciate the worth.

The Sabian Symbol for this upcoming lunation is An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts Of Her Tribe To Passerby.

We are building up to this opportunity to get a new beginning wherever this pertains to us in our lives.

Mercury retrograde from May 18 through June 11 will make you review anything in your life where you are not releasing and letting go of what and who does not value you. You will also get a chance to start putting time and energy into people and situations where you ARE highly valued. This will be great business energy. You can review and plan and then launch at the New Moon in Gemini in June!

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