When It Happens There, Not Here: Opposite House Activation

snakeIt is a very personal astrology chat today. It is only from honest and in-depth communication about our real life experiences that we deepen our knowledge of astrology and how it works. So, today I share my experiences of this Saturn in Scorpio transit (taking place in my 4th house) and aspects to it.

My life experience is that, for example, when we have New Moons, the real life, mundane effects take place in my opposite house.  This year was no exception. New Moon in Pisces 8th house brought income to the 2nd house through new work: New Moon in Aries 9th house brought new communication from 3rd house siblings and aunts/uncles; New Moon in Taurus 10th house (solar eclipse) brought the eclipsing of my brother from my life through death, thus changing my 4th house family of origin forever, the New Moon in Gemini 11th house….brought 5th house stuff having to do with my creativity, not 11th house groups/friends/associations.

Shakedowns, Breakdowns And Rebuilding The (4th) House

When I look at Saturn transiting my intercepted 4th house (meaning it covers Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius), I have had a residency (green card) processing issue for  4 years in a foreign country that began during Tr Saturn 3rd house but which now appears to be ending with a green card in my hand AND the final clearing up of the administrative mess that was created (we will see in mid 2015) and my brother has died BUT…

Professional Gains, Success and Intense Focus On The 10th House

The  place where the action has taken place….the most significant things that have happened relate to 10th house career as well as name and reputation: During this time I have been on the receiving end of people being either so awed by my professional experience and capabilities they would not hire me (afraid, as one native told me, that I would be recognized as more competent than the country’s natives and/or leave) or jealous to the point where they did and said anything they could to malign me and keep me unemployed. In a country where I need to have a job in a company to keep residency as foreigners are not allowed to be entrepreneurs, I was unable to get employment for the four years I had to wait there for my application to be properly processed, despite having multiple university degrees and 20 years work experience.

So, in summer 2013 under Tr Saturn in Scorpio (4th) I got quite angry, 1) accepted the gift of a quiet and free place to reside from a friend 2) wrote a book that had been sitting undone for years 3) published it and got positive reviews and new clients and 4)began working on creating workshops and e-courses as well as writing three more books in the series. That now affects my 10th house — career, vocation, name and reputation.

Ground-shaking Transformation

Saturn rewards hard work and that is exactly what I chose to do from home (4th house) while Saturn transited Scorpio in my 4th house. The rewards may show up in both my 10th and 4th houses because I made a conscious decision to focus on marriage and creating my own family of origin while working from home. Whereas a few years ago I would have chosen work/career, now I see I have the ability and opportunity to combine both by working from home. It is not either/or…it is both.

So you see things don’t always happen HERE in the house where the transit is occurring. Not uncommonly there can occur THERE in the house opposite the transiting planet.

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