Which Goddess Is Me?: Lakshmi

Which Goddess Is Me?: Lakshmi

The querent or client for this Goddess oracle reading asked me if I would do a reading to give her insight about herself.

I did a one-card reading, asking which Goddess best represented her and what message I could communicate.

lakshmiThe card I pulled was Lakshmi. What does is the message from the Creator?

Your future is bright!

Lakshmi carries the message of being provided for a protected by the Creator. The message is that the universe is benevolent and kind, but not only that, it is working in your favor. No blocks, obstacles or tests are in your way — unless you put them there through projecting fear into a situation.

Lakshmi asks you to quiet your kind, meditate, pray and be at peace. Stop worrying. You have an exciting future in front of you each day. Keep your heart full of love and good energy.

Lakshmi reveals abundance in your life. She represents fertility and abundance in terms of children, money, time, knowledge or opportunity. Lakshmi is connected to the elephant-headed deity Ganesh who is the “overcome of obstacles”.

Release fear and accept abundance.

Lakshmi is telling you that anything you desire.is yours in great supply and all your basic needs will be more than satisfied.


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