ALL I DO IS WIN: The Longterm Wealth and Power of Saturn in Scorpio

ALL I DO IS WIN: The Longterm Wealth and Power of Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio brings our karmic chickens home to roost around issues of sexual love, intimacy and money. We have the opportunity in Saturn in Scorpio to build a rock solid foundation and entire house around these areas of life. We have the opportunity to conquer our fears, correct past mistakes, clear debt and increase our financial worth, work hard at mastering our bodies, practice intimacy and gain sexual mastery over ourselves. This is powerful stuff! When you are master of your money and master of your body, you are POWERFUL.


To acomplish this, you must be willing to go deep, work hard and face whatever you must face. You must take responsibility for everything that is on you. You must be willing to put in your share of the resouirces and handle them well. You must be willing to learn and grown sexually and not use your partner as an unpaid and unofficial sex therapist. He or she deserves pleasure, too. Fix your financial, intimacy and sexual problems and stop hiding them. With Saturn in Scorpio, we have the opportunity to win. This win is not only for the moment for for the length of the transit (October 5, 2012-September 17, 2015). It is teaching us how, in these issues, to be a winner for a lifetime.

When you master Saturn in Scorpio, you can say, like DJ Khaled, Ludacris, P. Diddy and Snoop Doog (or is it Snoop Lion now?)…..ALL I DO IS WIN.



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