Winter Solstice: December 21, 2014 – Hard Work, Goals And Staying Awake

Winter Solstice: December 21, 2014 – Hard Work, Goals And Staying Awake

hotchocolateWe are experiencing the longest night of the year right now and a cup of hot chocolate is the order of the night. The Winter Solstice is today, Sunday, December 21 at 3:03 PM PST/6:03 PM EST followed by the New Moon in Capricorn at 5:35 PM PST/8:36 PM EST. It is at 12:03 AM CEST on December 22, 2014 in Central Europe, followed by the New Moon in Capricorn at 5:36 AM CEST.

Every New Moon marks a new monthly cycle of fresh growth and discovery. Capricorn is a hardworking, powerful sign and with Pluto making a 2-decade or so journey through it, it is even more powerful as a sign of New Moon activity and initiation. This New Moon at the Winter Solstice is at 0º Capricorn, pushing us into goal-setting, hard work, achievement, commitment, authority, power and persistence. Nothing can stop us with this energy empowering us. As long as we are committed to our goals and willing to face the obstacles that could prevent us from achieving goals, reshaping our lives and forging a new direction, we will achieve what we intend. So what are your intentions?

A Time of Healing

Sleep is beneficial for us because it washes away toxic chemicals from the brain and renews our body internally and externally. It is healing. During winter, bears hibernate as do other animals, using the long dark winter to take a break after a long year activity. I like this idea.

Have you been rushing and pushing, fighting and struggling? Stop. Re-boot!

Slow and steady wins the race and lands you at the top of the mountain of success.

Say goodbye to the old and HELLO BABY! to the new in life today.

Cast off what has not worked and the relationships that have not served you well (have not been supportive of you maturing and being successful in some way). You must have authority over yourself and your life and that comes from committing to healthy relationships and situations. It is time to build solid structures in your life that will have meaning for you in years to come.

Take a break, a permanent break, from the power plays, confrontations and obstructions, fighting and time-wasting. Celebrate, sing, dance and enjoy the good things in your life, celebrate the symbols of the season – joy, love, peace, light, hope.

Cut your losses, let yourself rest and allow yourself to heal.

Powerful, Lasting Change

Is the life you are living right now meaningful? If not, change it now (not tomorrow).

In order to change you must release the old regrets, disappointments, wounds and hurts, angers, power struggles and blocked paths. Be open to new opportunities and new pathways to achieve your goals. Forgive and release people who mistreat you. Move on from them with confidence and a smile in your heart for better things are coming your way.

On this longest night of the year, with Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, settle in with a good cup of hot chocolate (with a peppermint stick!). Allow all that must die do so, and be left in the cold, cold ground. That is what winter is for, you see. It is a time of dying and death. Get 8 hours of sleep each night so you can be alert during the day. Use the increasing light of day as a time to plant NEW SEEDS, to work hard behind the scenes, to work “in the dark of winter behind the scenes”, where no one necessarily can see you and no one knows what you are doing. It  is not a time of broadcasting your life on the radio, posting on Facebook, Snapchatting it, or tweeting it.

Winter Seeds, Spring Flowers

In three months, at the end of March 2015, the seeds you plant now will break through and begin to appear in beautiful flower.

So remember, these things:

  1. Release the past and let it die so you can transform
  2. Take advantage of new opportunity and fresh new direction
  3. Celebrate the year that has been
  4. Quietly plant new seeds
  5. Stay awake and work hard, committing to the achievement of your goals

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