WISE LEGACY: New Moon in Cancer – June 27, 2014

WISE LEGACY: New Moon in Cancer – June 27, 2014

The New Moon in Cancer calls for us to act on creating a legacy

The New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon on June 27, 2014 is time to take stock of all the blessings in your life and acknowledge your love to those you hold dear. Occurring at 5º37″ Cancer at 1:09am PST/4:09am EST/10:09am CEST in Central Europe), it tells us we can create a new destiny for ourselves now.

Secure new beginnings in sexual intimacy and committed romantics pairings are highly likely now. What we create now will have enduring legacy. Because it is Cancerian energy there is the potent possibility of new family, new co-created children and a new legacy coming from this New Moon. Friday and Saturday will bring new life and joy to those who intelligent and make the right choices.

Thinking and acting intelligently will be a challenge, however, as Mercury still retrograde for a few more days, muddling our thinking and this New Moon falls only 2º away from the point Mercury stationed retrograde on June 7. The New Moon also comes with a challenging Mars opposite Uranus aspect and that means those who want freedom (Uranus) from people  who have been dominating and manipulating them will be put in an angry (Mars) position. The only way out of it is secure commitment to a new relationship, a new beginning.

The New Moon in Cancer is about co-creating family

Wise Legacy

The New Moon also falls on fixed star Tejat Posterior in the foot of Castor the mortal twin of constellation Gemini. The influence of dominating and confusing Gemini energy (which could represent a person in your life), is stomping around your head. Gemini the Twins is the sign traditionally associated with homosexuality and interestingly enough my homosexual friends have been telling me that they have had a very challenging time under the eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius and with the Full Moon in Sagittarius that just occurred. Many faced the ending of relationships that simply were not healthy (mentally or physically abusive) or not meant to be.

You will need great mental strength — intelligence – to walk away from the business partner who won’t take no for an answer even though you told him you do not want a sexual relationship with him or the pregnant single woman who is deviously telling people you are the father of her baby knowing you are not, but hoping you will feel pressured into marrying and financially supporting her. But you haven’t much time now as you got the first message about it. Intelligence means recognizing even back on June 12/13 at the Full Moon in Sagittarius you were long overdue in pulling away from the mental and emotional clutches of people you have been embracing in your life while they manipulate you.

Will you return to the stagnant sterile past and continue the same patterns or wisely march forth into a secure new future with family, loved ones, a new creation of your own and a legacy?

Those who take risks, act independently and use their mental strength to start renewed relationships through intelligent and loving conversation will win in the game of life at this New Moon. Remember the Moon rules the sign of Cancer and Cancer is the sign of motherhood. This New Moon is the perfect chance to start fresh with a woman or man who will become your marriage partner (men, especially benefit), your family and co-creator of your first child.

New Moon Aspects

Mercury begins forward motion on July 1, making this New Moon in Cancer the time to plant the seeds of the ideas for a new start that you have been thinking about since June 12.

The Moon in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces, bringing the energy and possibilities of all that is poetic, dreamy, romantic, beautiful, and soft. It will help to dissolve harsh words and make things more pleasant and tender. Be careful of people lying to you or trying to deceive you about paternity of a child or money. In a reading for a Libra client this weekend I could clearly see he is blind to the fact that a single mother he knows and thinks is a “good person” albeit troubled is trying to guilt him and trick him into taking financial responsibility for her baby fathered by another man and to marry her. This Moon trine Neptune aspect is powerful.

interracialmarriageMercury retrograde in Gemini trine the North Node in Libra on the fixed star Spica will assist in bringing together the diverse (and scattered) thoughts you have had in our head since the beginning of the month about how to heal broken relationships and get new beginnings. We can express ourselves in brilliant clarity.

If you want to get a head start on creating a vibrant new life for yourself (and the new person or people in your life), use the Summer Solstice on June 21, to celebrate with dancing, lovemaking, bonfires, laughter, and good food and drink. Why not arrange a picnic with someone on the beach or in the park and use that time for loving physical affection and gentle talks about a future together.  Now is the time for peace talks, for laying  down your defensive weapons and embracing the one you love. You will get loved in return.

Create a Clear Vision

Be visionary under this New Moon in Cancer and lay the groundwork for your new future.

  • Start the new career that will be your legacy of nurturing and comfort to the world. You may have the ability to be involved in a great healing in humanity.
  • If you have entrepreneurial, innovative or creative knowledge or ideas prepare to share them starting July 2 a day after Mercury’s direct motion starts.
  • Invest your money in creating a marriage and family if you have been putting your money in failing business or businesses you would be ashamed to tell your loved ones about now or in the future
  • Invest your money wisely and moderately in your new business idea and be sure to set aside savings
  • If you want to end a life of loneliness by committing to a woman you love, then start romancing her anew and talking with her now; then buy her dream ring (most women let you know what kind of engagement ring they want — the man in my life knows that since I was a little girl I have wanted a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds set in white gold or platinum) and take her on a romantic long weekend and propose to her (my recommendations are Paris, France overlooking the Eiffel Tower or Bellagio, Italy overlooking Lake Como). Do it on the weekend of the July 12th Full Moon in Capricorn to bring completion.
  • If you are already planning a wedding, organize the details, write the invitations,  plan an engagement party and then on July 2, jointly make the public announcement, send the wedding invitations and invite people to the engagement party.

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