Wisps of Clouds: Solar Eclipse in Taurus – May 9, 2013

Wisps of Clouds: Solar Eclipse in Taurus – May 9, 2013

The New Moon solar eclipse occurs on May 9-10, 2013 at 5:29pm PDT/ 8:29pm EDT/ 12:29am GMT/2:29am CEDT. It is  at 19° 54′ degrees Taurus.

In the Sabian Symbol system, it counts as 20° degrees Taurus.

We are about to have a sumptuous feast in Taurus. What a meal it will be, attended by a New Moon, Mars, the South Node, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun and Pallas Athena, all in the sign of The Bull. Venus, which governs Taurus, is in Taurus until just as the eclipse occurs, so she will make a brief  appearance at the party lending her influence to the mix before transiting into Gemini. Her parting message as she slips out the door is that we are now to be open-hearted and express love, beauty and wisdom in and through our daily living.

wallstreetbullThe Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is Taurus 20: Wisps of Clouds Like Wings, Are Streaming Across the Sky”. This is a symbol of the constantly changing flow which is the nature of most people’s lives. Life is changeable, sometimes from moment to moment and it becomes unstable for those  who resist being open to experiences that come their way. This Sabian symbol speaks to us of the internal insecurity and the external instability that will envelop us if we fail to accept the demands placed on us for the Taurean values of commitment and reliability. Elementally, Taurus is a fixed sign, like Aquarius Leo and Scorpio. These signs show us the importance of making a commitment to a person, situation or idea and standing firm. At the same time, it is reminding us not to rush into any situation, but emphasizes the importance of staying calm and holding steady in the midst of temporary turmoil and change, represented by the winds and clouds. Stay centered and do not panic in the face of fluctuations and shocks.   This particular eclipse reveals we will be securely and safely guided through the rough seas, problems and trials we will face in the coming year.

Taurus is about acquiring, feeding and growing. This new moon solar eclipse in Taurus opens the door for a new beginning which involves these actions in our lives. Scorpio is about releasing, restraining and dying. This new moon solar eclipse is being given support by an opposition from Saturn in Scorpio and South Node in Scorpio. Friday and Saturday are supportive times for making positive affirmations, decisions and plans about self-worth, the body, sexuality and finances.

If money has been an issue and even a concern and burden in your life, now is your opportunity to make that situation completely change. Now is the time to start saving, investing wisely and without panic (or extreme risk). Now is the time to create a solid financial plan that is based on a slow and steady accumulation, not wildly extreme and risky schemes that are delusional and based on false processes, people and products. If like Frick and Frack, two men I have written of in another post, you continue on the same extreme and shaky investment scheme path, you will continue losing money. This time, you will be setting the stage for two decades of losing money and sruggling with all the areas of life affected by it. Don’t do it!

“Get rich quick” schemes tend to be “get poor fast” traps. Remember, Taurus the Bull governs the stock market. A “bull market” or “bullish market” in financial terms is one which is moving upwards, increasing, growing.

Let’s make some connections between love, money and this solar eclipse. Solar eclipses mark the end of one 19-year cycle relating to the activities relevant to each astrological sign and the beginning of a new one.  You must understand your value (the value of the stick that is YOU)  in order to invest wisely. You must take your knowledge of your gifts,talents, and desires and invest in your stock – invest in yourself. That means you must do things to support your life and your growth. You must do this financially, physically and spiritually. You must commit to yourself and be reliable. You must create security internally by being stable and only allowing stable, reliable people into your life. Make them prove themselves as such before you spend your resources on them. Yet, remain open to the love of life. Be prepared and open to the new growth and opportunities coming your way shortly. Now you have a chance to build so that in 19 years you will see the results of great positive accumulation.   Do you know how valuable you are in your body, I your self, in your sexuality, in your daily interactions with people? Now you must come to that knowledge and stop carrying the dead-weight burden of shame, underestimating ourselves, fear, embarrassment, excess, rigidity, avoidance,  and ignorance of who we are, if we want success in life. Each of us in beautiful, whole and of great value.

This solar eclipse is a beginning that is healing for women in that it brings us the message that isolation and loneliness are to be cast off because you are now done preparing for a greater involvement in life. Many women have been very isolated the last 19 years, and wondered if they were condemned to a life alone. No, you are not meant to be separate. You are meant to be intimate with yourself and be whole at the same time. You have learned much about yourself and about people. You have gained great wisdom and now you are ready to emerge into the light and bloom. For women, there is a special call to realize that it is time to release ideas about your beauty, sexuality, intimate self, and femininity that have restricted you in your feminine self. Think about what fears, anxieties and warped beliefs have stood in the way of the rewards of femininity for yourself.

This south node solar eclipse, pushes us to decide what no loner serves us, what no longer works, what is dead and needs to be cut off and released, what needs to be pruned, what we no longer want in our lives.  Once done, we must make new plans for the future.Taurus invests, commits, and accumulates, then enjoys the luxury, pleasure and peace of mind that results — financially, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. Isn’t that what you want?

Are you ready for your committed long-term relationship with the future? Open the door and go outside because the winds of change are ready to take you to a new beginning.

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