Work With Me

Work With Me

hulogosmallIt’s Your Choice!

I love what I do so that means, as you can guess, I am looking forward to working with you in whatever way is best for you!

Evolutionary astrology?

Transformative and Ethical Tarot?

Spiritual business coaching that integrates the practical?

What can I offer you?

The choices are many and it is up to you to decide how you can best be helped. When we look inside ourselves, we know what it is we need. Now, all you need to do here at Healing Universe is ask for what you need and if I have it in my resources, approach me and we can do the exchange. When you invest in yourself through one of the offerings listed below, I will GUARANTEE that you get a great return on investment.

You can choose to work with me in one of these ways:

Book A Tarot Reading:

Get insight and guidance on something that is truly important to you. Your spiritual reading will be very detailed.  Check out the page on Trot readings to get all the information you need on how to arrange it, how it takes place all the small, yet important details.


Arrange An Astrology Consultation:

Astrology consultations are an excellent way to get the information you need to guide your life for as much as two years at a time. Why? You will know when certain of you natural potentials are activated and when possibilities exist for the best possible outcomes. You can direct and control your life with much more certainty. JP Morgan did it to become a billionaire. You can direct your wealth, career, and personal relationships!


Grow Your Tarot Business:

Take Tarot Business coaching with me through the Grow Your Tarot Business coaching program (6 months 1:1 with me) OR take the new online version of Grow Your Tarot Business” at your own pace and optionally follow up if you like with 1 or 2 mastermind sessions with me (at a discount!).

You can learn more about it at the Grow Your Tarot Business website.


Special Programs

Throughout the year there are special programs and offers at New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter and to open the summer season. Take advantage of them to gain insight and be on top of things in your life by being informed about the potentials, energies, possible obstacles and challenges and options you have. I am here to help and empower you!

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