Working From Home: 4th House Scorpio

Working From Home: 4th House Scorpio

workingfromhome-1A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. — Sir Francis Bacon

Those of us who have 4th house Scorpio are experiencing serious evolution in our professional lives as Jupiter in Cancer trines (positive and supportive energy) our 10th house and Saturn in Scorpio opposes it. However, even while an opposition aspect can be challenging, this one is good, as with all challenges,  if you are rising to the challenge by getting serious. This has serious implications for Americans in two areas: unemployment and homelessness.The challenge I am experiencing with Saturn transiting my 4th and opposing my 1oth,  is one of working from home. When Saturn entered my 4th house, I got serious about securing a home for myself and I am still steadily pushing through that process. Then, I got serious about my income,meaning my businesses which are entrepreneurially home-based.

Since transiting Jupiter in Cancer in my 12th connected with transiting Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th, I have dug down deep and begun doing what I know I must do to increase profits in my home-based businesses and steadily strengthen my public professional reputation. I am deadly serious, my steel pylons are immersed deeply in the earth and surrounded by cement. No one will deter me from either establishing my home or expanding my business and professional reputation. Anyone foolish enough to get in my way will meet a resistance that will take them into the depth of Hades, if necessary (remember Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, who rules death and Hades, or hell) and I am the only one who will emerge alive and well from it.

Those of is with 4th house Scorpio certainly got a warning about it and we have had time to prepare and get down to work. Fifteen months before Saturn hit my IC and entered my 4th house (and since then) I began  experiencing malicious defamation, attempts to steal money from me and attempts to prevent me from establishing a home. I have won every challenge but it was quite emotionally, spiritually and psychologically disturbing.  Since Jupiter came on the scene, I have had a peaceful respite as justice has begun shining through and clearing up the mess. My current temporary home is with two people — one who has Sun in Scorpio and the other who has Sun in Cancer! Under this roof, I have the daily peace and security to increase my entrepreneurial efforts without interruption.  The home I am seeking to establish is now clearly on the horizon and when it is ready, I will be ready with a strong home business foundation.

Implications for Americans

As I write this column I am in prayer. with all my heart I want to see humanity’s higest evolution result from the struggles we are currently undergoing. In particular I htink of my country, the United States of America. So many are homeless and fighting to keep their homes (a room, an apartment, a house). They are also fighting to keep their jobs and to get or keep a ob that pays well enough for them to afford the basics of life (shelter ad its expenses, decent amounts of healthy food, clothes, transportation, and healthcare).

Americans adjust. America is an immigrant country that knows how to work HARD and pursue a dream until it comes to fruition. This is the natural entrepreneurial spirit with which we are born and built. If we get fired by some employer and can no longer expect a wage form them, we are willing to be an entrepreneur and make a business out of something. But to be an entrepreneur you need a piece of stable shelter you can live in so you can get your business started and flourishing. I am hoping, no, praying, that this supportive energy that we will have into the autumn will open doors to support in securing people’s homes. Then, they can stop putting their energy into worrying day and night about having a place to live and start putting it into creative entrepreneurial ideas and manifest those into profitable businesses. Let this hard time be rewarded by an economic turnover based on an explosion of profitable entrepreneurship among the middle class.

The USA’s natal charts contains significant Scorpio. The Sibley chart using July 4, 1776 gives it an 8 Scorpio Ascendant and that means Saturn has been transiting between the 12th and 1st house and is soon going to be again in the 1st house. We will be in the spotlight, in the international stage while being expected to dig down deep and be honorable an fiscally responsible. I will write another article on the chart itself (the USA is having a Pluto Return…which is why it is getting called to account The Great Depression was just a warning). But back to Scorpio. Scorpio knows how to make money by working hard — and now, I truly believe, Jupiter in Cancer is saying that people must be allowed to take leadership and be secure (a home) in order to to evolve.   Working for a company is the scorpionic kiss of death for the American worker. Entrepreneurship is the kiss of life for the American worker. The Industrial Revolution is over. The Technological Evolution is here.

Working from Home with 4th House Scorpio

There are many good things about working from home when you have  4th house Scorpio in your natal chart:

  • You possess the rock hard ability to stay focused.
  • You can go with your emotional intelligence (intuitive knowledge) about the best way to proceed.
  • You know how to get down deep to the heart of a problem.
  • You know how to be profitable making money at home.
  • You do not need to deal with a lot of people.

With Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio, you can expand your business efforts — but hurry up. We have this supportive energy only until mid-autumn. Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio catch up with one another again in a trine, but Saturn will be retrograde so the energy won’t be the same. Jupiter will move into Leo and a Jupiter-Saturn Square will occur about a year from now  that ill not feel very comfortable a they are both fixed signs. Do the work, lots of work, now, while the working is easy.

How is Jupiter trine Saturn affecting you? Do you work from home? Do you have  4th house Scorpio and see changes in your life? Write about it in the forum boards.  Get an astrology report or order an astrology consultation today.

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