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Astrology  and Tarot Consultations

Astrology and Tarot consultations are a clear and concise way to access the clarity, insight, information and counsel you need to make the best decisions you can for your life.

Both can reveal the shadow truth in your life situations as well as point towards the best path for you to choose. Tarot readings provide strong insight about past, present and current situations, and how you can best proceed.

Undergoing major life changes? Do you need support connecting with your purpose in life? Do you feel confused and frustrated by a relationship? Problems in your financial life? Do you want clarity in any situation so you can make better decisions, resolve problems and live a happy life?


30 minutes: $75

60 minutes $150

90 minutes $200

Career & Business Consultation (60 minutes) $350


**First ORDER (and Pay for your consultation, then BOOK your consultation time). Your appointment time will be cancelled if not accompanied by a payment.

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