It’s About Love

Being a Tarot reader is a special thing. It is more than a hobby of paying around with cards. It is more than a “woo-woo” mystical flirt with things unseen. It starts with hearing the calling of Spirit and seeing it ever more clearly through through the signs and symbols of 78 cards in a tarot deck. It continues and deepens with being a participant in and witness to the empowering transformation of the lives of precious spirit-filled human beings.

It comes forth from a loving desire to empower and encourage people; to equip people with insight and guidance that enables them to use their free will to make informed choices about themselves, their relationships and their situations

When you know this is a calling for you and not only a hobby, then you come into that particular and wonderful space where you are ready and able to not only do what you love, and love what you do, but to earn a god living while doing it.

Tarot + Entrepreneur = Tarotpreneur

Being a Tarotpreneur is a profession combining the skill, knowledge, training and passion  of Tarot with the drive, business sense, boldness and pioneering nature of the modern entrepreneur who knows how to use technology in this digital age to run a business from anywhere in the world, while enjoying life.

On this site and through the blog posts, course offerings, videos and coaching, you will:

  • learn more about the tarot
  • learn how to charge the right price for doing what you love
  • learn excellent self-care for the Tarotpreneur (you gotta show yourself the love before you cna love anyone else!)
  • learn how to market your services
  • learn how to launch a great Tarot business website
  • learn how to create a sustainable business that profits well for many years

A Most Important Thing

Even beyond the profitability and portability aspects of being a Tarotpreneur,  for “Grow Your Tarot Business”, it requires being principled (having ethics and integrity). Throughout “Grow Your Tarot Business” there is an emphasis on being professional with an ethical code, high professional moral ethical standards and putting the client first. Loving the client is absolutely necessary. A Tarotpreneur must never

  • scam clients with “services” such as lighting candles or  lifting curses and “dark energy”
  • defraud clients out of money for such “services”

There is, unfortunately, a long history of people misusing spiritual gifts and personal development to scare and harm people. We advocate that Tarotpreneurs provide products and services with honesty and integrity. Love acts with honesty and integrity!

Success, Not Struggle

Our goals is to transform lives worldwide

Our focus is to educate, equip and empower you as an entrepreneur whose business is Tarot so you can live the life you love. Your life will change when you pass on that love to your clients.

Our “Grow Your Tarot Business” program will give you not only a solid foundation, but empower you to replace struggle with success in your life.


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